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panda forex

2016, she has worked at Vladimir Bili Law Office Ltd., mainly in business and corporate law, civil law, property law, and contract law. Her research fields include machine learning, semantic web, text mining, applied artificial intelligence, natural language processing. He is a Senior dotNET developer with strong dotNet and database knowledge, experienced with working in distributed teams and environments. Core Team Bostjan is a lawyer and a certified mediator.

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Dora Surija in UX/UI Designer at Trikoder Davor is a Senior Software Engineer with more than ten years of experience in the field as both developer and team lead. With experience as a team lead and supervisor. Sinisa Cvahte in UX/UI Designer at Undabot Dora is currently working as a UX/UI designer and team leader of a development team at Trikoder, a gledos partner. Neva Ulcar in Student Liaison Kristina is a law student at the University of Ljubljana. Peter Merc in Business advisor Aljaz is an attorney at Jadek Pensa Law Office, Slovenia. On a daily basis, he communicates with clients, plans, schedules and prioritizes tasks and ensures that the project is on the right track, within the planned scope and budget and with business and stakeholders goals in mind. Netis Group in Blockchain technologies AI development team The Jozef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. Along the way, Tjasa became interested in blockchain and sees gledos as a pivotal evolvement especially for education career building. Peter is also a lead coordinator of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, an NGO with the main goal to serve as platform for blockchain knowledge in Slovenia and as a link between private and public sector.

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