We believe that in the future, every person on Internet will be a real person, identified with their digital ID-card, using web services with his or her real name. We are here to lead the way.

eResNetwork is the world’s safest business networking platform where every user is a real governmentally-verified person with a legitimate name and legal identity. This enables us to offer a spam-free, transparent communication platform to create meaningful business connections, learn and share knowledge with other like-minded individuals. eResNetwork Alpha is a communication platform for the vastly growing e-Residency community, global visionaries, business leaders, digital nomads as well as innovative businesses.

This is just our alpha version. We are aiming to release our significantly approved Beta, or the "real" platform, in the beginning of 2017. Our Beta version will feel much more like a digital cigar club for meeting trustworthy global business leaders. The experience and design of the platform has to communicate clearly that this is a safe and convenient meeting place for global business.
From building the safest business networking platform, we will continue to offer different cloud services such as a secure, universal log-in and spam-free e-mailing platform. eResNetwork is aiming to change the way businesses work on the web.

We are developing this platform together, with and to our community of digital world citizens.

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Rubik's Solutions

eResNetwork is a spin-off from The Mobile Innovation agency Rubik's Solutions, started during the first e-residency Garage48 hackathon on 11th of September 2015 in Estonia. We are a Team of technology futurists. The Team, of mobile innovation.

Estonian e-Residency

eResNetwork is cooperating with the first government in the world to offer digital residency to all world citizens - Estonia. We are the first private sector startup that is fully embracing the Estonian e-Residency program. But e-Residency is just one of the many innovations that has come out of this digital nation - e-Estonia means much more.


Identit.ee is a program to accelerate innovation around e-Residency, Blockchain, and e-identity, and to build the ecosystem of people and organisations interested in exploring the potential and opportunity created by this new innovation in civic tech.



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